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Buyer Terms and Conditions

1. The highest bidder, on each lot, when the hammer falls shall be the buyer. The Auctioneer shall have absolute discretion to settle any disputes which arise, and to refuse bids as seen fit.

2. When the lot is sold, the Buyer shall pay the Auctioneer, in full the hammer price (plus VAT when Applicable), together with a premium of 20% of the hammer price on the day of the sale.

A 3% fee will be added when the premium option is selected when on line bidding

3. Buyers shall provide the Auctioneer with names and addresses and if requested bank and other references.

4. The ownership of the lot shall become the Buyer's responsibility as soon as the hammer drops. Although a lot may not be removed from the premises until payment in full has been made. All items contained within the lot MUST be removed or charges will apply .

5. All lots must be removed ant the Buyer's risk and expense on the day of the sale, unless previously arranged with the Auctioneer.

6. If payment is not made or goods are not removed as required within these terms and conditions the Auctioneer may reject any bids made by or on behalf of the Buyer at any future Auction, or obtain part payment before accepting any future bids.

7. The Auctioneers will, on the Buyer's written instruction, execute bids on their behalf, but neither the Auctioneer, his Employees or his Agents be liable for any neglect in doing so or failure to do so.

8. All goods are sold as seen and no warranty or guarantee is given. No warranty whatsoever is given by the Auctioneer or the Vendor in respect of any lot, and any warranties of conditions whether expressed or implied by statute, common law or otherwise are hereby excluded. It is the Buyers responsibility to rely on their own judgement in respect of goods purchased. Items described by the Auctioneer are only a basic description unless otherwise advised by the Vendor.

9. ELECTRICAL ITEMS - All items under this category are sold as seen and are not guaranteed as working even if issued with a PAT check. Electrical items MUST NOT be plugged into any socket within the auction rooms for health and safety reasons. If found to be plugging in items then you risk instant ban from the auction and subsequent auctions after this.

10. LEFT BIDS-(Commission Bids) If you have left a bid on an item please be prepared to pick the Items up within the allotted time scale. No bids of less than £5 will be accepted


All items won MUST be collected by the end of the Tuesday after the Auction.Any items not collected by this time will receive lotting and re-lotting fees (charged to yourself) as well as lost commission.  Storage will be charged at £2.00 per lot per day per item, also a late or non payment fee of £10 will apply.This will all be charged up until the Friday of the next auction ,when said goods will be re-lotted and a invoice will be sent advising of charges.

We would advise you to arrange your own courier for collection of goods and advise you to take note of the above ,  Please call us to let us know as we would rather work with you than give extra charges.

Goods can be collected once paid for during the auction. These will be collected for you by our porters. The office closes at 4:15 on a Saturday even if the auction is still going online.

12.Any persons not adhering to these conditions will be barred from our auction site and online bidding.

13.We reserve to change our terms without giving notice, please check you are up to date with them.

If there is something you do not understand please ask and we will do our best to help you.

14. Bidding on an item and winning it is a legal binding contract by law and therefore you, as the buyer, are subsequently liable for payment and removal of goods won

15. The minimum bid in the room or on the internet will be £3.00 (at the auctioneers discretion)

If you bid on an item and win the lot it denotes that you agree to these terms and conditions

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